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Hire 24/7 Live Chat Customer Support Agent For Your Business Website

We Offer Your Business Website The Best Professional Live Chat Agents!

let us help you to chat and resolve your customers issues through your website, while you attend to other matters of your business.


There are plenty of reasons why outsourcing your live chat agent aspect of your business makes sense.

Hiring Employees is costly and time consuming

You would have to deal with scheduling benefits, taxes and all the other nuances of bringing on an employee.

It Takes Skills to Manage customers

Handling Chat Volume. These are things service representative deals with every day. if you try to take all of this on, you would quickly be over your head in no time,

You're Best at running your business

you're doing what you do because you're good at it, so taking time away from your core responsibilities has a direct impact on your business performance. handling these work off to us allows you to stay focus.

Effective live chat is an advantage over competitor

These is a secret a lot of businesses don't know, people like to interact with real human live chat agents and not a chat bot, 40% of potential customers leaves the chat bot for competition because they need response from a human


Our live chat agents are well trained and are equipped with the required knowledge and experience to help your business handle customers needs through your website.

We know you are very busy with other matters of your business that is why our live chat agents are always here to help your business 24/7.

What You will get from our Live Chat Agent:

1.Our Live chat agents will generate more qualified leads for your business and are trained to upsell your products/services to your customers.

2.Our live chat agent will take ownership of your customers issues

3. Our live chat agent will troubleshoot your customers problems and make sure the issue is resolved.

4. Our live chat agent will escalate unresolved issues to the appropriate internal teams

5. Our live chat agent will take prompt and accurate feedback from your customers.

6. Our live chat agent have mastered the use of helpdesk software to help your customers effectively.

How It Works

Step 1

You signup with us, fill the FAQs of your business and we assign a live chat agent to your business.

Step 2

We teach and show the agent the in and out of your business as you have showed us within 48 hours.

Step 3

The agent takes control of all your customers issues and enquiries while you take care of other matters of your business.


Our pricing is reduced to a very small and affordable price to help your business
1 - 10 hours


Weekly Payment

Upto 400 Chats Per Month/Per Agent

Dedicated Chat Agents

FAQ Based Support

10x7 (350+ Days)

  • Free 7 Days Trial, No Credit Card

We Accept Credit Card, Paypal and Bitcoin
10 - 15 hours


Weekly Payment

Upto 700 Chats Per Month/Per Agent

Dedicated Chat Agents

Custom Full Training

15x7 (350+ Days)

  • Free 7 Days Trial, No Credit Card

We Accept Credit Card, Paypal and Bitcoin
15 - 24 hours


Weekly Payment

Upto 1000 Chats Per Month/Per Agent

Dedicated Chat Agent

Custom Full Training

24x7 (350+ Days)

  • Free 7 Days Trial, No Credit Card

We Accept Credit Card, Paypal and Bitcoin


What businesses owners are saying about us
Jose Barger

I remember when i have to skip a lot of business activities to chat with my clients and these was so frustrating because i almost did not have the time to keep up with other aspect of my business but thanks to alpha Live agents, i can now take care of other areas of my business while alpha live agents do for my business what they are good at doing, excellent service, i recommend.

Anthony D. Goss
The best part of your service is the speed at which your agents respond to my clients issues and enquiries, pay attention to details and stay with each of my clients till their issues are resolved and these makes my clients very happy. and most importantly the service is very much affordable. Thank you Alpha Live Agents.
Fred S. Brunner
Having a Bot to attend to my clients was of no use to me because i still needed to answer basic questions through my email inbox and these is not very good for me that was when i taught of outsourcing my live chat service, then i found Alpha Live agent and I'm so happy i did, very excellent service with A POWERFUL LEAD GENERATION STRATEGY IN PLACE.
Dena  Jennings
Thank you Alpha Live Agent for your customer satisfaction service, I'm more than Happy to be your clients.
Crystal J. Butler
Alpha Live Agents, You guys are wonderful at your live chat response time, these has been a problem for me for a very long time, i don't like Chat Bots it doesn't chat with my customers as humans would, thank you so much, i now save TIME and focus on growing my business.
Steven Gordon
What i love most is your 24/7 Live Chat Customer support and most importantly your Lead Generation method. Thank you Alpha Live Agents.

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